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TIGER TECH~ MR. RICHARD ~ February 2017




Beyond the Hour of Code In December, all students, K-5, had the chance to participate in the Hour of Code. “The Hour of Code is a one hour K-2 Codes!
Students in kindergarten through second grade have begun a computer programming unit. This unit reinforces
the fundamentals of computer programming. Students are learning how to create an algorithm, a series of
steps to complete a task, and how to “debug” those algorithms when the program doesn’t do what it was
supposed to do.
While programming, students are engaged in logical thinking, problem solving, persistence, and collaboration.
In our lessons, using the Scratch Jr app, students work with a partner pair programming, working together on
one device to write a program. When pair programming, each person has a role, driver or navigator. Working
with a partner makes “debugging” easier because they are able to talk through their challenges and get advice
from their navigator. With the skills they learn, students will individually create a program, in Scratch Jr, to
animate a narrative story they’ve written as the unit’s culminating activity.
Not only are these lessons engaging, they are helping to prepare students for their futures. The earlier we
introduce children to coding, the more comfortable they will be when presented with more in-depth learning
opportunities in middle and high school, and they will be better prepared for their future careers.
(Scratch Jr is a free app for iOS and Android. Feel free to use the app at home to continue to develop your
child’s programming skills.)

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