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The Reading Connection ~ February 2018


We hope that all Tashua families have gotten off “with a ROAR” during the month of January. Winter can provide a wonderful opportunity to cozy up with our families and READ together. Reading together helps to build strong bonds and encourages your children to read for information or just for fun! Try some of the “novel” ideas below with your family as you stay warm inside throughout the remainder of our winter months!
Poetry Roll – It’s fun to read poetry to each other and it will give your youngster practice in reading smoothly and with expression. Get a book of poetry and roll one or two dice to determine which page number you’ll read from. Example: if he rolls a 3 and a 7, you’d read the poem on page 37. Next, you roll the dice, and he reads. Please stop by Jackie Knapp’s office anytime to grab a handful of fun poetry books (you can send your kids down to my room for them as well if you can’t make it in to school).
Popcorn and a (silent) movie – Pop some popcorn, put on a movie – or favorite show on the television. Then, turn on the closed-captioning, and take turns reading the screens aloud. Variation: Choose an English-subtitled movie in another language, and leave the volume on. Your child will hear snippets of a different language in between English you read out loud.
Family Book Club – Pick a book to read together as a family – it can be very motivating for your children to read and chat about a book as a family. You may choose to have different family members take turns reading out loud – reading out loud will let your child enjoy books that are beyond their independent reading level and build their vocabulary by exposing them to new words. If the book is an appropriate level for all in the group – everyone can read independently and then just stop and discuss at certain parts throughout the book. (***This has been a particularly enjoyable experience with my family over the years – and the winter months have always been the best time to squeeze it in! ?)
Introduce new books – every year there are always many books that steal the hearts and minds of all children. While it may seem like there’s only one author, series, or genre that your child wants to read, it’s important to remember that there are millions of books that will suit your child’s interests and capture their imagination. Use the resources below to help your child find great books:

– Mrs. Knapp & Mrs. Kunschaft

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