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The Counselor Corner ~ May 2017


This month’s topic is Social Filter. We all have been in situations at one point or another where someone
has said something “unexpected”. Like we tell our students, once we say something, we can’t take it back.
Sometimes our words hurt and sometimes they are not appropriate for the conversation. It is important to
talk to your children about using a “social filter”. Your social filter is the imaginary filter inside our brains
that hold all of our thoughts! Every time we hear someone speak or see something, thoughts pop into our
brains. The key to our social filter is not letting all of those thoughts come out! By stopping and thinking
before we speak, we filter out the thoughts that should not go into our talking bubbles. When we don’t use
our filter, we can make others feel uncomfortable.
By using this lingo and having teaching moments with your children, it will help them to better understand
things that should not be said out loud. Simply ask them if what they said is expected or unexpected and
whether or not it should have stayed in their thought bubbles. Practice makes perfect!

The Counselor Corner:
Mrs. Paredes, School Psychologist & Ms. Sweeney, Social Worker

May 2017 Tiger Times