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The Counselor Corner ~ February 2018

  • Being a TIGER means showing RESPONSIBILITY! This trait is not just reminding your kids to do their chores or homework. While that is helpful, it is important to teach kids about taking RESPONSIBILITY for their actions and behaviors. Many kids today have an “I didn’t do it!” or “It wasn’t me” attitude. Being a TIGER at Tashua School means admitting or taking ownership over things we have done, even if it is hard to do so. Making mistakes is a part of life. If we can teach our children early on that mistakes happen and even if we do something on purpose that wasn’t our best choice, we can learn from the experience.
    To help teach your children about RESPONSIBILITY:

    Teach about natural consequences

    Examples of this are:
    1. Not putting your toys away – the natural consequence is someone could step on them and break them.
    2. Not doing your homework – the natural consequence is disappointing your teacher, getting a reflections sheet, having extra homework the following night.
    3. Not telling the truth – the natural consequence is people will not believe you or trust you.

    Create a reasonable amount of chores that are age appropriate for your child:
    Examples of this are-
    *Making their bed, getting dressed independently, taking out the trash, refilling the toilet paper/napkin holder/paper towel holder, vacuuming, dusting, feeding their pets, walking their pets, cleaning up their toys/games, drying the dishes, setting the table, setting their own alarm to wake up in the morning, pushing in the chairs at the dinner table, etc.

    Provide routines and structure

    Model responsibility

    Remind your child to check their homework agenda/planner every day when they come home. Look in the agenda/planner to confirm that what they are reporting is accurate.

    During difficult situations your child may be in, let them try to solve the problem first. It will create more independence and build stronger character by letting them struggle a little until they need the adult modeling and support.

    Lastly, remember that we are all human and no one is perfect. We all make mistakes and engage in bad choices once in a while. The worst thing we can do is create excuses for things that our children say or do. Even though it is hard to let our children feel disappointment or believe that sometimes they are not engaging in their best self, we need to let them own up to their behavior/actions and learn to not do it again.

The Counselor Corner:
Mrs. Paredes, School Psychologist & Ms. Sweeney, Social Worker

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