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The Counselor Corner ~ April 2018



Our last TIGERS characteristic that we can help our children with at home is: SELF-CONTROL. This
may be one of the toughest to teach. When children come home from school, oftentimes they let is all
go and will run circles around the house. They work very hard all day here at school to maintain that
self-control that sometimes they need to get out all of those wiggles!

Here are some healthy ways to help your child work on:
– Give them 20-30 minutes of time to do physical activity right after school. It can be very
difficult to ask a child to complete their homework when they come right off the bus. Some
children need time to run, play, and let their brains think about all of the fun and off-topic
things they were not able to do during the day.
– Positively reinforce every time you see your child doing something “expected” and when they
are showing a calm body.
– Set limits: giving children clear, defined expectations for “house rules” will encourage and
promote self-control. Children who do not understand what is “expected” of them will have
challenges with self-control at home and school because of this.
– Practice delaying gratification or wait time for preferred items: Many children are impatient
and expect things that they want or done for them right away. This is not realistic as the real
world you have to wait for things without getting upset or angry. If your child is asking for a
snack or for you to get their favorite toy, make them wait a minute or two before you
completely stop what you were in the middle of to get them what they want. This impatience
carries over to school when they are in a class of 15-20 students.

The Counselor Corner:
Mrs. Paredes, School Psychologist & Ms. Sweeney, Social Worker

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