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Tashua Running Club


Slide1The Tashua Running Club started this month in October 2016. Here’s how it works:

  1. Run / Jog / Walk: you can do this at school during recess or at home on your own.
    • Run at school: run laps around the blacktop at recess (2 laps around blacktop = ¼ mile)
    • Run at home: run at home and ask a parent to help measure your distance
  2. Keep track: keep track of your mileage by filling out the sneaker tracking sheet. These can be downloaded and printed (see below)
  3. Return sneaker sheets: send in completed sheets (a completed sheet = 5 miles have been completed). Remember to include your first name, last name and your teacher’s name on the sneaker sheet. Sneakers sheets will be due the LAST FRIDAY of each month
  4. Get prizes: Each five miles completed earns a charm for a key ring to keep on backpacks. Prizes for completion of 25 miles will be given out too!
  5. Be recognized: we will recognize running club participants who turn in their completed sheets on the bulletin board outside of the main office

A few reminders for both students and parents:

  • You can run, jog, walk (or do a combination of all) at your own pace
  • Encourage your family to participate too
  • Tashua School will hold a school-wide ½ mile TURKEY TROT on Wednesday Nov 23 rd during the school day. We will have a fun celebration following the run!
  • Participation in the Tashua Running Club can help you earn your mileage towards the Rod Dixon Kids Marathon Program – complete 25 miles during the school year and final 1 mile marathon run this Spring. More info to come on Kids Marathon Program
  • THIS PROGRAM IS VOLUNTARY and is for the purpose of fun, health and wellness. It is not mandatory for the school curriculum

Any questions, please contact Christie McKenzie at christiep99@yahoo.com or Christina Lee at christinalee80@yahoo.com

Sneaker Sheet Miles 0-5

Sneaker Sheet Miles 6-10

Sneaker Sheet Miles 11-15

Sneaker Sheet Miles 16-20

Sneaker Sheet Miles 21-25