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Tashua Running Club


Dear Tashua Students:

The 2017-2018 season of our Tashua Elementary School Running Club kicks off today.  We are looking forward to another great year of getting our miles in together!

The Running Club will focus on 2 programs this year:

  1. October thru December: Mileage Tracking where students will earn a sneaker charm for every 5 miles completed
  2. March thru May: Rod Dixon Kids Marathon Program where students will complete 25 miles and a 1 mile marathon with all Trumbull elementary schools. More information to come this Spring

Here’s how the Mileage Tracking program works from October thru December:

Run / Jog / Walk: you can do this at school during recess or at home on your own.  You earn a sneaker charm for every 5 miles completed

  1. Run at school: run laps around the blacktop at recess (2 laps around blacktop = ¼ mile)
  2. Run at home: run at home and ask a parent to help measure your distance

Record Your Miles: new this year, miles should be submitted online using the following form Tashua Running Club Mileage Tracking. You will need to enter the total miles you completed each week along with your first name, last name, grade and teacher

  1. At the end of each month (October, November, December) we will tally your miles and distribute sneaker charms early the following month (for example, sneaker charms will be distributed in early November for mileage submitted by October 31st)

Earn BONUS Charms: new this year, in addition to the sneaker charms for every 5 miles completed, you can earn special “bonus” charms for the following activities.  These activities will also need to be entered in the online form in order for you to receive bonus charms

  • Reach 25 miles in your mileage tracking
  • Register for the 2017 Great Pumpkin Classic scheduled for Sunday, October 22nd at the Trumbull High School Track.  Events include Kids Fun Run, 2 mile walk, 5K race

Sign-up for the Great Pumpkin Classic: https://runsignup.com/Race/CT/Trumbull/GreatPumpkinClassic

  • Free space! Tell us about a run or walk event that you participated in during October thru December.  There are so many fun run and walk events during the Fall season (maybe another kids fun run, a 5K race with your family, etc.)

Reminder: this program is sponsored by the Tashua PTA.  It is VOLUNTARY and is for the purpose of fun, health and wellness. It is not mandatory for the school curriculum

Questions: please contact Christina Lee at christinamlee80@yahoo.com or Christie McKenzie at christiep99@yahoo.com