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Spring Fair Committee Description


Spring Fair

2014-15 Chair Jenna Petiprin

Date: May

Description: This committee handles a fun and entertaining event fair for the Tashua community; it includes games, crafts, auction, food, entertainment and prizes!

Duties:Complete use of School Form, announce “name the fair” contest. Distribute “great idea” certificates/tickets to winner, announce the “NAME”. Send out “new ideas for games/crafts” memo. Send out “save the Date” memo. Ask the art teacher to draw the Fair mascot. Send out “make a Spring Fair poster” memo. Distribute “poster” tickets. Work with Publicity Committee. Distribute posters to local businesses and schools.  Send out “Spring Fair memo” to all district schools.  Work with Volunteer Coordinator to get staff for event.  Organize volunteers by game/craft/cafeteria. Send e-mail as reminder. Make name tags. Send THANK YOU’S. Attend PTA meetings from January to May: Provide update regarding Spring Fair

Characteristics/Skills Needed

Creativity: Ability to develop new and interesting games and crafts year to year.
Dependability: Can be counted on to complete tasks.
Organization: Can complete required duties on timely basis.

An ability to work well with others!!!!  From committee members, PTA members, staff, the Tashua parents and Trumbull Community!!

Time Needed:  
Approx. 2 hours a month starting in January.  
From January to April, we typically have 1 meeting per month (1 hour)
It all depends on your duties and the amount of effort you want to put in to it.  
For example, if you are responsible for crafts, you can order from Oriental trading…or you can research different hand made/more creative crafts.
For the month of May…it will be a little hectic.  
Day of the Fair:  Must be available Friday for set up and the entire day of the fair…from morning set up to evening clean up.

Helpful Tools: The Spring Fair committee recruits assistance from other committee; please lend a helpful hand throughout the year.  At the end of the year parents are very tired…and it will come in handy to call on those you helped out!!!

Benefits: Providing a fun filled event for the Tashua Community. Raising a large amount of money to fund Tashua School’s extra needs

Lifespan of committee: For the month of May you will feel overwhelmed….but it’s worth it the day of the fair when you see all the parents and children having a great time!!!!