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Screenings and Illness Prevention


Eye Exam   Vision and Hearing Screenings

Vision and hearing screenings are underway.  Connecticut state law requires that all students in grades K-5 undergo vision and hearing screenings.  The purpose of the program is to identify possible problems as early as possible so that the need for intervention can be determined.  Early detection and intervention may prevent educational implications.  If a problem is suspected, the student will be re-checked at a second screening.  If further consultation is recommended, parents will be notified of the findings and will be asked to seek further evaluation from their own physician.  If you receive a referral for your child, please schedule an appointment as soon as possible and have the physician complete the back of the referral and return it to the school nurse.

Contagious Illness Prevention

The word is out about Enterovirus D68.  I have posted hand washing instruction posters above all of the sinks in the school and have visited several classrooms to provide hand washing instruction.  I know all of our students know how to wash their hands but sometimes short cuts develop over time.  Please review thorough hand washing with your child.  As always, please keep your child home if they are ill to stop the spread of infection.  Please notify me if the doctor has diagnosed your child with any infectious illness (strep throat, enterovirus, Fifth’s disease, coxsackie virus, pertussis, flu, etc.) or any infectious skin condition (molluscum, MRSA, impetigo, head lice, etc.).  Let’s work together to keep Tashua School healthy!


Susan Quigley RN, NCSN