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School Hours & Morning Arrival

NORMAL DAY SCHOOL HOURS: 8:35 am to 3:20 pm
LEGAL DAY AND EARLY DISMISSAL HOURS: 8:35 am to 1:00 pm: During the course of the year, students are dismissed early for holidays, parent conferences and teacher in-service days.  These are considered legal days and the dismissal time for these days is 1:00 p.m.  Lunch will not be served on these days so please send a more substantial snack on legal days.

Our students begin arriving at school at 8:20. They may take the bus, be driven, and walk with or without a parent. The procedures for each of these methods of arriving at school in the AM follow:

Bus Drop Off

  • All students are assigned a bus route. Students will begin exiting the buses at 8:20. They should report directly to their classrooms from their buses.

Parent Drop-Off by Car/Van

  • Parents may drop-off their children from 8:20 until 8:35 at the rear entrance of the school. DO NOT drop off before this time as staff is not available to supervise children who arrive early. Parents who drive their children to school in the morning may not use the main entrance and may not drive through or park in the bus lanes. Violators will be reported to the police and subject to fines.

Drop –off Procedure

  • Enter the school parking area by the third Dayton Road entrance and drive to the curb by the TLC entrance. (CARS SHOULD NOT BE PARKED ALONG THE CURB.)
  • The first car in line should pull up to the yellow poles by the curb.
  • Four cars may unload in the circle at once. The other cars in line should wait until these four cars have unloaded and have driven out of the circle. Then the next four cars may pull into the circle to unload.
  • At no time should cars pull out of line. This creates a safety hazard. If one car has finished unloading before the preceding car, the driver should wait until the car has finished unloading and has pulled away before leaving the circle.
  • Staff members will be available to help children out of the cars. You should not exit your car to do so. This slows the flow of traffic.
  • Please have your child seated on the passenger side of the car. Younger siblings in car seats should not be situated on the passenger side, as we want children exiting cars at the curb not in the circle.
  • Be sure to turn off the child safety locks so your child can exit your car quickly.
  • Once children have exited the cars, they should proceed directly to their respective classrooms. They may line-up outside of their classrooms but may not enter until the bell rings.
  • Staff is only on duty until 8:35 so if you arrive after 8:35, walk your child into the office and obtain a late slip.

Parent Drop Off for Walkers

  • If you are walking your child to school in the morning, walk him or her to the main entrance and say goodbye. Your child should then walk directly to his or her classroom. If you arrive at school after 8:35, walk your child into the office and obtain a late slip.

If spaces are not available, park on Dayton Road. Do not park by yellow curbs, in the bus lanes, in any driveways or in the parent drop off circle. The handicap parking spots may not be used for any other purpose. Violators will be reported to the police and will be subject to fines.

Student Walkers
Students who walk to school should only cross Stonehouse Road or Dayton Road where a crossing guard is stationed. One crossing guard is located by the playground side of the school on the corner of Fox Road and Stonehouse Road and the other crossing guard is located on the corner of Dayton Road and Stonehouse Road. Walkers should enter through the main school entrance and should go directly to their classrooms after entering the building. Please remember students should not enter the building until 8:20, as we do not have staff to supervise them prior to this time. Only students who live in close proximity to the school should be walking.


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