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Running Club!


Log your miles every week!


Printable Info Sheet

Our 2019-2020 Tashua Elementary School Running Program kicks off today.
We’re excited for another great year!

The Running Program will focus on 2 programs this year:
1. Fall Running Program (October- December): Students and staff can participate in the Running and Roaring
Across the USA challenge (see below)

2. Spring Running Club (March – May): Students can participate in the Trumbull KiDSMARATHON Program where
they will run 26.2 miles over the course of these months, with the last mile being run with all the Trumbull
Elementary schools at THS on May 17th.

Here is how the Fall Running Program “Running and Roaring Across the U.S.A” works:

1. Run/Jog/Walk: You can complete laps during recess ( 8 laps around blacktop =1 mile) or you can run at home
(ask a parent to help measure your distance). Attached is a paper to help you keep track of miles before
submitting online.

2. Submit your miles online: There is no sign up for fall running club. All you need to do is submit your miles
online. You will need to enter the total miles you completed each week along with your first name, last name,
grade and teacher. The online form to submit miles will be available on the Tashua website. Click on “Health and
Wellness” located under the “Life@Tashua” tab. The form will also be included in the weekly PTA e-blasts.
The form can also be found here: https://goo.gl/forms/n5qr5V12PpPFPEBb2

3. Follow our progress: We will combine school participants’ miles together to help our Tashua Tiger “run” across
the U.S.A.! Follow our progress on the Running Club bulletin board- let’s see how far from Tashua School we can
get him! Last year we ran 1597 miles together- we made it over halfway across the USA! Let’s try and get further
this year!

4. Get prizes: Each 5 miles completed earns a charm for a key ring to keep on backpacks or to wear. Extra
charms are given for attending kid races & 5ks.

5. Be recognized (*NEW* this year): Let’s FALL in love with running this fall – take a picture of you (or you with your
friends/family) running/walking/jogging, print it out and write on the back why you love running and send it into
school. We will display your picture on our Running Club Bulletin board! Names of all students who run and
submit miles will be displayed as well!

Important reminder: THIS PROGRAM IS VOLUNTARY and is for the purpose of fun, health and wellness. It is not
mandatory for the school curriculum.
Let’s run and roar, Tashua Tigers!
(For questions, please contact Emily Richards @ emily.t.jamison@gmail.com)

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