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Report Card Companion Documents


Trumbull Public Schools Policy Handbook:

Elementary Schools

Formal reporting shall be accomplished for all children in kindergarten through grade five.

  1. Report cards will be issued at the following times:
    Kindergarten – January and June
    Grade One – January, April and June
    Grades 2-5 – November, January, April and June
  2. Progress reports may be issued in grades 3, 4, 5 during the months of October, December, March and May. These reports are required when a sudden drop in student performance occurs.
  3. Parent – teacher conferences will be held each year during the month of November/December after the first report card. For students in grade one, a written conference form will be provided to the parent at this time. Kindergarten students also receive a written conference form at this time, although they do not receive report cards until January.
  4. Additional parent – teacher conferences may be scheduled at any time during the school year by either the parent or the teacher.
  5. A parent/teacher conference is required as soon as retention becomes a consideration. The conference will focus on criteria for promotion and related guidelines as outlined by Board Policy IKE. This, and any subsequent conference and related reports and timelines will follow the same guidelines.


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