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Reflections Program of CT PTA Committee Description



Tara Fernandes

Date usually held:  Mid October – Early January 

Description: The Reflections Program is a creative arts program that is open to all students that would like to create an original piece based on a particular theme. This year’s theme is “The World Would Be a Better Place if…”  It can be a drawing, painting, photograph, literature piece, film or video.

Duties: Coming up with a schedule for deadlines, creating all fliers for the program, filling out appropriate paperwork for the PTA, collecting the artwork and checking the accompanying paperwork, creating prize incentives for entries, representing the school at the Reflections Judging and helping to organize the Reflections Reception.

Characteristics/Skills Needed:  Good organizational skills and deadline oriented. 

Time Needed: 5 hours per person (2 to 3 people).

Helpful Tools: Having an interest in creative arts is a plus but not a requirement. 

Personal Benefits: It is fun to see the creativity and originality of the student’s entries (and it may even be your own kids)!

Lifespan of committee: Mid November through Mid May