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Classroom Schedules, Recess, Lunch & Snack

CLASSROOM SCHEDULES: Your child’s academic schedule varies according to his or her grade level; however, all students participate in math and language arts classes daily as well as social studies and science on most days.  Students also have two thirty-minute periods of music and physical education each week and one forty-five minute period of art each week.  Students also use the library/media center and computer labs to learn research and computer skills as well as to practice academic skills.

RECESS:  Students in grades K-5 will have recess daily.  Weather permitting, students will have recess outdoors.  When the temperature is below 30 degrees or if there is precipitation, students will have recess indoors.  Be sure to send your child to school with a warm jacket, gloves, and a hat from the late fall through the winter months.   If there is snow on the ground, please be sure your child wears boots.

LUNCH:  All students will eat in the cafeteria.  They may bring a bagged lunch from home or may purchase a hot lunch at school for $2.75.  A la cart items such as sandwiches, wraps, luncheon salads, yogurt, and desserts are available for varying prices.  While you may send cash to school with your child, we encourage you to either set up a SNAP account or enroll online @MyLunchMoney.com.  Once money has been deposited in either of these accounts, your child uses a PIN number when purchasing lunch.  No cash is necessary.  Deposits may be made at any time to a student’s SNAP account by sending in a check made out to Trumbull Food Services with his/her SNAP account number clearly marked on it or you can use your credit card to deposit money online @MyLunchMoney.com.  SNAP deposit slips are included in this mailing and on our website.  You can indicate on the deposit slip if you want your child to purchase hot lunches only or if he or she may purchase a la cart items as well.  Students who qualify may receive free or reduced price hot lunches.  You will receive the forms to complete for free/reduced lunches the first week of school.  You will find additional information regarding our lunch program on www.trumbullps.org.


Lunch Recess
Kindergarten 11:10 – 11:40 2:45 – 3:15
Grade 1 11:45 – 12:15 12:15-12:40
Grade 5 12:20 –  12:50 12:50- 1:10
Grade 2 12:50 –   1:20 1:20- 1:40
Grade 3 1:10 –    1:40 1:40- 2:00
Grade 4  1:20 –   1:50 1:50- 2:10




SNACKS:  Teachers will provide time for snack each day.  Since snack time is limited, please send only one healthy food item such as cheese, vegetables or fruit and a small drink, preferably water.

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  • Normal Day: 8:35am – 3:20pm
  • 90 Min. Delay: 10:05am – 3:20pm
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  • 2.5 Hour Delay: 11:05am – 3:20pm
  • Early Dismissal: 8:35am – 1:00pm
  • LUNCH IS SERVED each school day, including Early Dismissals (planned and unplanned).