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Protect Your Family from the Flu


Influenza is Contagious. It spreads when cough and sneeze droplets of an infected person reach the mouth, nose or hand of another.

-Avoid touching eyes, nose or mouth

-Practice cough and sneeze etiquette

-Frequently wash hands

-Contact a healthcare provider within 48 hours if illness develops

-Stay home when ill

-Virus can survive on environmental surfaces for 2-8 hours.

The latest evidence indicates that the nasal spray vaccine may work better than a flu shot in healthy children between the ages of 2 through 8.  If the nasal spray vaccine is not immediately available, the flu shot should be given.  It takes about 2 weeks for immunity to develop so it is important to act quickly.

Let’s keep the flu out of Tashua School!
      Susan Quigley, RN, NCSN