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Principal’s Proud Board ~ December 2016


Principal’s Proud Board

The following students have been highlighted on the Principal’s Proud Board this month for their fine accomplishments in school.



Kindergarten: Avery Godsill, Amalia Walsky, Alexander Horbach, Haley Sineglasov
Grade 1: Zuri Flemming, Charlie Gentry, Ritika Allade, Anika Srivastava
Grade 2: Emme Adorante, Dubey Om
Grade 3: Samantha Biondi, Hank Paige, Michael Torrani, Nicholas Tramontozzi
Grade 4: Robert Claypoole, Kaelon Commodore, Sadie Rappa
Grade 5: Andre Espiritu, Cadence Firgeleski, Toni Manna-Scaturchio

Each month, classroom teachers select a student’s work sample to be displayed on the Principal’s
Proud Board. Work samples are selected based on a child showing strong academic growth or a child
exhibiting work habits that exceed the grade level expectation.

(December 2016 Tiger Times)