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P.E. ~ MS. GIBSON ~ October 2017


Welcome back to school everyone. We’ve had a great beginning to our school year. There are many new and exciting things happening in PE.
1. Ask your child about Yeti and our teamwork puzzle. Yeti is all about the growth mindset and has lots of wisdom! Each week we have a new Yeti wisdom. The kids are super pumped up to have Yeti in their classroom!
2. Our gym has been painted and the banners are hung. If you get a chance, stop by and check it out. A fresh coat of paint for a fresh new year!
Fourth grade students will be participating the CT Physical Fitness Test! The test consists of 4 parts: mile run, sit-ups, push-ups and sit and reach. Do your part and help your child get mentally and physically prepared. Exercising should be part of their daily routine. These students are physically literate and know how to prepare for this test. As Yeti would say, “Working hard feels good!”
Don’t forget! All students need to wear sneakers for PE. No exceptions! The shoe must have laces or Velcro. The foot must be completely covered. Slip-ons are not allowed because they tend to slip-off!
Thanks for your help!!!


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