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P.E. ~ MS. GIBSON – March 2016


Introducing the Circus!
Hi, my name is Ms. Christo. I am a Physical Education student teacher from Central Connecticut State
University. I have had the pleasure to meet all of the students here at Tashua Elementary and I’ve
been overwhelmed with excitement. While I am teaching, I am also learning from the students each
and every day. After Jump Rope for Heart, we started a Circus Unit where the students are working
on their balance and hand eye coordination. The students are receiving a lot of practice while having
fun at the same time. The skills learned in this unit will be extremely helpful. The students can use
what they learned while strengthening their fine motor skills. My goal as a teacher is to lead my
students down a path of daily exercise, healthy eating, and healthy relationships! All of you have
made this a great experience so far, one that I will never forget! Thank you for this opportunity to
work with such a wonderful group of children!


Tiger Times March 2016