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P.E. ~ MS. GIBSON ~ February 2018


Tashua School Olympics will be in full force at the end of February. The Opening ceremonies are a very special event. One student will be honored from each class, chosen by their peers, to carry the Olympic torch. At this time the students will also get a chance to cheer for their country and to find out who is on their team. During the next week in PE classes, they will compete in fun games such as speed skating, Olympic torch relays, bobsleigh, biathlon and skeleton. At the end of the week we announce the champion country along with the country with the most spirit! Mrs. Veloz has been working long hours to create some amazing artwork for the gym and café. Mr. Cohen, Miss Cassidy and Mr. Richard have been working with 4th grades students researching an Olympic topic, using garage band to make beats and writing a rap to the beat. Can’t wait to hear some of them! Don’t forget to show your team spirit by wearing the color of your country. Parents should have received that information from the classroom teacher during the last week of January.


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