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P.E. ~ MS. GIBSON ~ May 2018


Students in PE have been working hard for our JDRF event! The “J” in JDRF stands for jump! We’ve been learning all kinds of different ways to jump! Besides jumping rope skills, the students jump over a thunder stick, Lazy cowboy rope, hoola hoop, and around a spotted path! Next week we will bring out the super long jump ropes and practice jumping skills with a team!
Tashua School’s JDRF event is not only a huge fundraiser for JDRF, but we also receive a check for PE equipment from them depending on how much we raise. Remember that every dollar counts for a very good cause! All envelopes are due on May 9th! Students will be jump roping on May 8th during their PE class. They will be dancing, walking and reading on May 9th in the afternoon. Please make sure to practice the dances at home!
K “A Very Simple Dance”
1st grade “The Mexican Hat Dance”
2nd grade “Looking Up”
3rd “September Trolls Dance”
4th “Can’t stop the Feeling”

5th grade “YMCA” https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=85I-i7WN2Vc


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