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P.E. ~ MS. GIBSON ~ October 2018


Welcome back to school everyone! Tashua students are getting right back into the swing in PE.
Grades K-2 students are developing their locomotor skills. Those skills include running, hopping, leaping, galloping, jumping, walking and side-slide. The students are working on different tempos and directions. Once learned, we can begin combining the 3 different actions such as walking backwards slowly. In addition, the students are developing self-control and using personal space in games like, “What time is it Mr. Wolf?” ,“On the lines, Off the lines” , “Pac-Man Tag,” and “Red light Green light”.
The focus in grades 3-5 for the month of September is team building. Cooperative games build trust, friendships, and help students to learn about integrity. We’re playing games such as hula hut building, hula hut relays, Castle ball, and Popcorn tag. Students in these grades are also learning how to do a, “workout of the day” or WOD. When they enter the gym they check the white board for the exercises and then go to their spots to perform them. Each month they will be learning different exercises so that by the end of the year they will have a variety of exercises in their own library.
What to expect on PE Days? Your child should come prepared to move and sweat. Sneakers are mandatory. The sneaker should be Velcro or laces. The whole foot needs to be covered for safety purposes. No boots, sandals, Mary Jane style sneakers, or slip-ons are allowed. You would be surprised as to how many kids run and their shoes fall off! Also, please dress appropriately. T-shirts, shorts, skorts, sweat pants etc. are great for activity. Anyone with long hair should have something to keep it back and away from the face.
Medical Notes: please send in a note if your child must sit out of PE for that day. You may choose to add on the note that, “if your child feels better, they may participate.”


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