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P.E. ~ MS. GIBSON ~ December 2016



Students in grades K-2 have been working on a variety of skills this month. They are now concentrating
on over hand throwing and catching. We have been playing many different types of games to re-inforce
these skills. Students should be concentrating on stepping with their opposite foot when they throw.
When catching, they need to watch the ball go into their hands and then pull the ball into their body. The
real test to see if a child has learned a skill is to watch them play in a game. Many of our students are
doing a great job!
Grades 3-5 students are also working on throwing and catching but they are learning about flag football.
Students have been introduced to running pass patterns, different positions such as center, quarterback
and receiver as well as incorporating the learned skills into lead-up games. Next we will be learning about
defense and flag pulling!


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