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P.E. ~ MS. GIBSON – December 2015


Students in grades K-2 had the opportunity to strengthen their upper bodies during our, “Bear Hibernation Party!”  After taking several trips bear walking back and forth on the gym floor, they planned a party with a friend. They worked cooperatively to decide the date, time, food, drinks, what to wear and themes of their parties. At the end of class we all shared what we learned from the other bears. Some very creative and kind bears stated, “We ate berries,” and “I made honey bread to share with the other bears, some even said, “I barely wore anything to the party!”  It was a very fun activity for all.  In addition, the students have been working very hard on mastering their loco motor skills which include: skipping, hopping, galloping, leaping, jumping, side slide, and running. The real test comes when they can apply these skills into a game without thinking about them!

Students in Grades 3-5 have finished fitness testing and spent the last two weeks playing some of our favorite fall themed games. Pumpkin Ball is very popular where the students practice teamwork and try to get the giant pumpkin to roll across another team’s line. They also continuing to work on their cardio vascular endurance while playing Surprise tag, See Ya Later Alligator, and Moon Monster.

Please remind your child to wears sneakers with Velcro or laces for P.E. Boots and slip-ons are not acceptable. Also, wear layered clothes so that as you warm-up during class, you can take off your sweatshirt and not over heat!  Happy Holidays!


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