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P.E. ~ MS. GIBSON ~ April 2017


March madness has hit Tashua school and all of the children have been engaged in basketball skills and
drills. Students have been dribbling, passing, pivoting, shooting, and playing defense with their
classmates. All of the activities that we do allow for the child to participate at their level of comfort. I have
different heights of hoops, sizes of balls, and materials that the balls are made from. I encourage all of
them to practice at home and at recess if they want to get better.
k-2 just completed a parachute unit. It’s great to see the amount of teamwork and listening skills that
these kids can accomplish when they work together. We built all kinds of clubhouses, pineapples, merrygo-
rounds and hot air balloons. We also made popcorn in some classes with the parachute! It’s one of
their favorite activities.


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