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P.E. ~ MS. GIBSON – April 2016


Students in P.E. have been working very hard on their aerobic endurance. Our lessons have been very active and the students are getting faster. K-2 played a game called Jelly Beans. During their game they had to flee from the taggers and make it to the other side of the gym. At that point they were able to get a jelly bean and return to their partner. The taggers worked very hard to slow the students down and tag them. The students in grades k-5 had lots of fun, “Eggs-ersizing!”  In this game they were all being chased by the colored eggs. Once caught, they had to find the matching colored chart and do that, “eggs-ercize” before they could return to the game. Students also learned a game called, “Castle Ball.” This is an invasion game that has many components. Students are guards, taggers and play offense to try to steal the balls from the opposite side and then throw them into the castle! This game is getting all of the school ready for basketball!!!  That is our next and most popular unit of the year!



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