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Odyssey of the Mind team World Finals ~ 2019


Three Trumbull Teams earned an invitation to the World Finals including a Tashua Team which was led by Jay Marsh and Audrey Felsen. This marks 8 years in a row that Tashua has sent a team to the World Finals. The 5th grade team earned 2nd place in both the Long-term and Style categories, and earned 4th place overall in spontaneous. It was the 3rd grade team’s first year and as a team they earned 8th place.

Fifth Grade Team: Matthew Sullivan, Rithik Gunda, Elisa Alt, Mitchell Haynes, Alex Valera

Fourth/Fifth Grade Team: Georgia Marsh, Maggie Mascola

Third Grade Team: Tanvi Mehta, Kaviya Partheepan, Neharika Pai, Anika Srivastava, Rohin Mahendran, Mason Murren


June 2018 Tashua Tiger Times