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Hello Tashua community! My name is Michelle Marini and I am thrilled to join the staff this
year as Tashua’s math specialist. As I visited classrooms this week, many students were eager
to share how they practiced their math skills over the summer.
I look forward to observing the wonderful learning that our mathematicians will gain this year.
Periodically, your child’s classroom teacher will send home a family letter from our core math
program: Investigations in Number, Data, and Space. These letters will explain the types of
math strategies your mathematician is learning during the school day. In addition, you were
offered a Student Math Handbook from your child’s teacher. You will find the handbook can be
used as a valuable reference to the math words and ideas introduced in the curriculum units, as
well as instruction pages for playing math games. Sometimes, math homework pages will
reference the page you can use in the math handbook so families can support math at home.
If you would prefer accessing this resource online you may go to www.pearsonsuccessnet.com.
Math handbooks are available in grades kindergarten through fifth grade.


Each month, I will share helpful tips for developing fact fluency, current math practices
or fun math links your child can enjoy at home.
I know we can COUNT on having a great year here at


Tiger Times September 2016