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Making a commitment to literacy is a wonderful and valuable experience for both parents and children. I invite you to make this same commitment to mathematics! Making time for math links schools to homes, helps parents better understand the math their students are engaged in during the school day, and shows students that math is important!
In an article titled “Go Figure, Math and the Common Core”, the author describes her family’s subsequent math chat when her grandson asked her how long ago she wrote her first book. After she told everyone that the I Hate Mathematics book was written in 1975, each family member described how they determined how long ago that was. Family members were most impressed with the child’s explanation of adding on in chunks to get to landmarks: “From 1975 to 2000 is 20 + 5, and from 2000 to 2012 is 10 + 2. “ When asked to explain further, he described how he gathered his tens to get thirty and then his ones to get seven. Imagine if your own family made a math promise to engage in real-life mathematics and have conversations like this about their different ways of thinking (Burns 2013, p. 42)
Interacting with each other mathematically allows students see the real world connection between what they are learning in school and how this matters in life outside of school. It is my hope that engaging in mathematical discussion will also help parents to better understand the math their students are doing, and then are better able to support the mathematical learning of their students.
Many families have electronic devices and are looking for suggestions for math fluency practice and problem solving apps. Here are some good ones you may like to try!

Michelle Marini Math Specialist

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