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Noetic Math Contest

In April, several of our mathematicians from Tashua Elementary School competed in the Noetic Learning Math Contest. The Noetic Learning Math Contest is a national elementary math problem solving contest held twice a year. There was participation by over 24,000 young mathletes representing over 600 schools in 47 states across the country. The purpose of the contest is to encourage students’ interest in math. Before participating in the contest, our students prepared by practicing a variety of math problems independently. You read that correctly…independently! These dedicated mathematicians volunteered to have extra math homework! Then students met in grade level groups with Ms. Marini to review strategies and share ideas with their peers. We are so very proud of our students for rising to the occasion and persevering through the challenge! The following students are team winners. They received the highest score amongst their grade level peers at Tashua:
* 3rd Grade Team Winners: Aarika Bhave and Evan Ambrosio
* 4th Grade Team Winners: Alexis Abelard and Rithik Gunda
* 5th Grade Team Winner: Matthew Kalarickal

The following students won the National Honor Roll title. This title is awarded to approximately the top 10% of participating mathletes. 3rd Grade National Honor Roll Winner:
* Aarika Bhave
* Evan Ambrosio

4th Grade National Honor Roll Winners:
* Alexis Abellard
* Caden Christopher
* Rithik Gunda

5th Grade National Honor Roll Winners:
* Matthew Kalarickal

The following students received the National Honorable Mention. This title is awarded to approximately the top 50% of participating mathletes.
* 3rd Graders: Aarya Appalaneni, Annie King, Armaan Zafar, Maggie Mascola, Melissa Flores, Neel Jakka, Samantha Espiritu
* 4th Graders: Abigail Burke, Alec Valera, Aleksandra Czajkowski, Alex Friedman, Alexa Palo, Asher Congdon, Chauncey Biggs, Dean Jackson, Delia Fruin, Elisa Alt, Jason Costello, Leo Horbach, Liam Paulson, Maddie McKeon, Maya Louis, Michael Torrani, Mitchell Haynes, Sumedha Jalan
* 5th Graders: Aarav Modi, Abigail Dayton, Aradhya Jalan , Cameron Agliotta, Isabella DiMarino , Jaret Zielinski, Kate Bhagirathy, Logan DelaRosa, Noah Scrofani, Rishabh Allade, Scotty Targowski, Sean Choi, Yuvi Kapoor

Congratulations to all the winners and participants!

Michelle Marini Math Specialist

May 2018 Tiger Times