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Ralph Fletcher is coming to Tashua School! Thanks to the generosity of the PTA we are lucky to
welcome this well-known and respected author of picture books, novels and instructional writings
for teachers and students. He will be visiting on April 6th and all students will have the opportunity to
hear him speak. Last week all classes met with their buddy classes in the library to enjoy a story by
Fletcher. In the weeks to come the students will work on activities to prepare for the visit.
In addition to our exciting author visit, students have been busy during their regular library classes.
Fifth grade is learning about internet safety. Topics covered include cyber security, personal
information, cyber bullying and website evaluation. Fourth grade is starting to learn about their state
while third is exploring the biography neighborhood to get ready for an upcoming project.
Second grade is excited to learn about Destiny, our online catalog. First grade is discussing story
elements such as characters, plot and setting. Kindergarten is learning to use shelf markers. It has
been a busy month!


Tiger Times March 2016