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LIBRARY ~ MS. CASSIDY ~ December 2017




In November the Kindergarten students discussed internet safety. We talked about how important it is to
have a trusted adult help you online. First grade discussed the difference between fiction and non-fiction.
We will use PebbleGo in December to work on a holiday research report. Second grade also discussed
internet safety this month. We watched a few videos to illustrate the importance of having an adult help
you on the internet to keep you and your computer safe.
Third grade is studying animal adaptations. They chose an animal from a biome they are an expert on to
research. We will discuss responsible use of information in December and work on our bibliography.
Fourth grade completed a research activity on Veteran’s Day and we discussed responsible use of
information and giving proper credit to sources. Fifth grade has been busy studying the solar system and
completed a number of activities to build on their understanding of seasons and the moon’s phases.

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