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News from the Kitchen!

This has been a busy month celebrating March as National Nutrition Month!

We have enjoyed promoting all the healthy fruit and vegetable options in the cafeteria and many students helped fill the Fruit and Vegetable Challenge Charts in their classrooms.

This month we had a full variety of fresh fruits to choose from including melon, cantaloupe, strawberries, kiwis, bananas, oranges and apples. In April, we will be adding roasted Brussel sprouts to our menu for all our friends to try. Keep up the good work eat a rainbow of fruits and vegetables. They are nature’s fuel for our bodies. They provide us with anti-oxidants, vitamins and so much more!

We are excited to announce that the Tashua Food Services staff achieved a score of 100 percent on their Health Inspection at the end of February.  We are very proud of this accomplishment!

…And Congratulations to Samson Bateni for winning “Principal for the Day!”  We provided the new “Principal” plus his staff with pizza and fresh fruit.

A big thank you to all who come to eat with us and enjoy a healthy meal!