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Kids Marathon 2019


What is the Trumbull Kids Marathon?

This is a kids running program that will take place between March 18th – May 17th. Over the course of 9 weeks students will aim to run a total of 25.2 miles.

On May 19th at 10:00 a.m., students will run the final mile with the other Trumbull elementary schools at Trumbull High School, bringing their running to a grand total of 26.2 miles- a full marathon! It is truly an amazing event and experience! Don’t miss out!

Who can participate?

Any Tashua student in grades K-5! There will be prizes for milestones along the way for all students who submit their miles! Students are encouraged to walk, jog or run at a pace that is comfortable for them!

How does my child participate?

* Students may run after school on Tuesdays and/or Thursdays (3:30-4:00pm) at Tashua Elementary school with volunteers providing coaching and assistance in tracking of miles.

* Students may run at recess or on their own and submit weekly mileage via a Google Form (see below).

* Students may also do BOTH after school and on their own time.

How do you keep track of miles?

Each week, parents should submit their child’s miles via a google form. Volunteers in the after school running portion will help students keep track of their miles and will report those miles to each parent. Any running completed outside of this after-school time should be added to the total for the week and then submitted each week. Each week the recommended mileage will be emailed to parents of participants to guide them to train safely and appropriately. (**8 laps around the blacktop = 1 mile**)

What is the cost of the program?

To participate in the Trumbull Final Mile Event on May 19th, the cost is $10.00 with check made out to Tashua PTA. All Kids Marathoners will be awarded with a ribbon, t-shirt and the glory of completing this amazing feat. There is no additional cost to participate in the after-school running on Tuesday or Thursday.

To register for the Kids Marathon Program, please fill out the information sheet AND the attached consent form and submit by Friday, March 15th. Please place in an envelope c/o Kids Marathon Program.

Questions? Email Emily Richards at emily.t.jamison@gmail.com

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