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Holiday Boutique Committee Description



Chairs: Kristen Cunha: rnkcunha@gmail.com
Trish Giovannini: triciag@aol.com /
Jennifer Meza: jenmeza@sbcglobal.net

Date usually held: Will be held Friday, December 5, 2014

Description:  A gift Boutique held for all the children to give them an opportunity to shop for family, friends, babysitters and teachers with the help of parents and at an affordable price for Christmas and/or Chanukah.   

Duties: Book the best date.  Secure and price approx 3000-3500 items at a $1 -5. Price point for all the different gift receivers.  Arranging for volunteers to help run the boutique.  Prepare a schedule for the classes to shop.  Send out a form to parents to gather information about who their children need to buy for and how much $ they can spend. (Find someone with a large basement to store inventory.) Set up the gym in a logical fashion making it easy for the kids to shop, pay and wrap. Clean up after.

Characteristics/Skills Needed:  thrifty shopper with a good eye for the best deals and the items that will appeal to the children.  

Time Needed: A few hours a week for the 8 previous weeks for pricing and organizing inventory. Time throughout the year picking things up when you are out doing your own shopping. A couple hours (w/help from the Father’s Club) moving inventory into the gym two nights prior. A few hours setting up the Boutique the night before.  An hour or so after to break down

Helpful Tools: Spreadsheet to keep track of inventory allows you to see what you have and whom you may need more items for. i.e., moms, dads, brothers etc.

Personal Benefits: letting your kids know ahead of time what you like. Shopping with someone else’s cash!