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Helpful Tips to Ease Back into School this Fall


Set up routines and schedules: Having a morning and after school routine can make a
difference. Kids thrive on consistency and predictability. If they know the expectations for
what they need to do, the easier it will be for them to follow. Simple ideas for this include:
where to hang their backpack up when they get home, what time, how long, and where they
do their homework, dinner time, bed time, and free time.

Mark your calendars:
Have a family calendar that everyone can add to! This will give your
kids something to look forward to when there are birthday or family parties, sporting events
and even after school events. Also add your child’s school schedule to your calendar such as
gym, music and art days as well as other upcoming events. This helps children feel prepared
and know what to expect from their daily schedules.

Make them independent:
Give your kid the opportunity to foster some independent skills.
Let them help you prepare their lunch and snack the night before or get their breakfast ready
in the morning. This is an important skill for children to learn and develop.

Set aside some Rest and Relaxation time:
Your kids work hard every day, all day.
Remember that they need time to decompress from the day as much as we do! Schedule
some relaxation time for them as well as quality family time.

Enjoy the beautiful fall weather with your families!
Happy fall!
Giovanna and Kate

The Counselor Corner:
Mrs. Paredes, School Psychologist & Ms. Sweeney, Social Worker

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