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Friendly Reminders from the Nurse



Welcome back! Please review the friendly reminders below.

Injuries/surgeries: All devices (crutches, walking boots, casts, splints immobilizers) require a note from the MD. After surgery, the MD note must state that the student is cleared for return to school as well as any required activity restrictions. Notes may be faxed to the office directly from the MD’s office or sent in with the student.

Rashes: If you are aware of a rash, please inform me even if your child has not yet seen the MD. If your child has seen the MD, please provide an MD note that states the rash is not caused by a communicable illness. Some rashes are required to be covered by a bandage or clothing while in school.

Medications: All medications, including commonly used over the counter medications and creams, require a medication authorization form completed by the MD and signed by a parent. Medications may not be sent in with students and must be delivered to the office by any adult. Students with significant health issues must have medications and orders in the health office in order to participate in field trips.

Physicals: In order to continue attending school, a 5th year physical must be submitted. In addition, 3rd graders are required to submit a physical between June 1 of 2nd grade and June 1 of 3rd grade. You will receive reminders (written and emailed). If you do not comply by the date stated on the reminders, your child will be excluded from attending school.

Absences: Please call all absences into the main office or to the nurse’s office. Do not email the teacher, the office or myself as subs cannot access these emails. Please be clear about the reason for the absence and, if illness, please provide brief details about the symptoms so I can track patterns of illness in school.
Thank you for your help in keeping the Tashua community healthy!

Susan Quigley, RN, NCSN