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Fifth Grade (Graduation) Activities Committee Description



Chairs:  Jill Curley & Tara Fernandes

Date usually held:  There are not specific dates for this committee.

Description:  This committee raises funds and coordinates the fifth grade party, picnic and closing ceremony, gift to school and community service.

Duties:  Raise funds through Election Day Bake Sale, Candy Grams and other means to support the fifth grade party, picnic, closing ceremony, gift to school and community service.

Characteristics/Skills Needed:
Creativity: Ability to develop new and interesting ideas.
Dependability: Can be counted on to complete tasks.
Organization: Can make a logical order out of many competing interests.

Resourcefulness: Finds inventive ways to complete a project.
Computer Literate: the ability to send/receive e-mails and create flyers.
Good communication skills: spelling and grammar are important.

Time Needed:  
This varies depending on your level of participation.  Committee chairs will be very active in the fall and spring.

Personal Benefits: 
This committee presents a great chance to be involved in the last year activities for your child.  It is also the last chance to work on Tashua events with the many parents at Tashua that you have come to know over the years.

Lifespan of committee: The committee lasts through the entire school year