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Field Day Committee Description


2012-13 Chair:  Christa Consla: christaconsla@yahoo.com

Date usually held:  Will be held on June 1, 2012 with a rain date of June 8, 2012.
Description:  Children participate in various relay and sport activities.
Duties:  Organize Volunteers, Order supplies needed for the day like Popsicles and sporting equipment needed for the events. Be at the school directing volunteers on the day of the event.
Characteristics/Skills Needed:  Good at organizing an event, shopping and ordering items
Time Needed: One or two meetings with the Gym Teacher and Principal, maybe an hour or two to organize volunteers and order supplies and draft up a flyer. Full day during event.
Helpful Tools: A computer with Internet access
Personal Benefits: The priceless benefit of watching kids having fun!
Lifespan of committee: Yearly Committee