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LIBRARY~MS. CASSIDY – December 2015



In November the Kindergarten students practiced logging on to their computer accounts. This requires that they type in a 7-digit number plus a password – not an easy feat but we are getting better at it every week. First grade is researching holidays while second grade is finishing up on their internet safety lessons. We watched several short movies about a cat Faux Paw and her adventures in the internet. The main issues highlighted in the movies include being safe on the internet, internet manners, and computer viruses.=

Third and fourth grade have spent the last few weeks familiarizing themselves with some of our research databases in preparation for projects coming up. We looked at World Book, Pebble Go Next, CultureGrams, and PowerKnowledge. All of these databases are accessible via the Tashua School website. Students can visit them after hours by selecting the “For Tashua Tigers” tab and then “Library.” Links to these resources are on the Library’s main page.

Fifth grade finished up their seasons project. We used PuppetPals, an ipad app, to create a movie detailing the reason for the seasons. The students did a great job figuring out how to use the program and we shared presentations with their peer to celebrate their hard work! Our next collaborative project on Explorers will start in December. Mrs. Pierce and I have some fun ideas in store for that project as well!

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