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Updates from the Principal

Weekly Update: March 3, 2023

Dear Tashua Families,

This week, we celebrated Read Across America. Throughout the week, we recorded all the great reading that is happening at Tashua School. Each day, classroom teachers totaled the number of minutes their students spent reading. This data is charted outside of the library so the students can watch it grow from day to day and be motivated to read!

On Thursday, we had our school-wide Read Across America Assembly and State Representative Dave Rutigliano lead us in saying the Reading Oath. We then welcomed author Melissa Shapiro, DVM to Tashua! Mrs. Shapiro introduced her book Piglet Comes Home: How a Deaf Blind Pink Puppy Found his Family and talked to the students about how Piglet how to learn to navigate the world with a disability. The students met several of her dogs with disabilities and learned about the “Piglet Mindset” teaching people of all ages to:

  • Face challenges with a positive attitude
  • Build on current skills with determination, resilience, and perseverance
  • Accept individuals for who they are and include them despite their differences
  • Show empathy and compassion towards others
  • Be kind and considerate to all people and animals

We truly appreciate the generosity of our Fathers’ Club who funded this author visit! A huge thank you goes out to Mrs. McKenna for arranging our visits with author, Melissa Shapiro, DVM and State Representative, Mr. Rutigliano and for compiling all of the wonderful resources she found to help us celebrate Read Across America throughout the week.

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Tashua School Song – “Keep Your Eye on the T.I.G.E.R.S.”


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What is PBIS?

Positive Behavioral Interventions and Supports (PBIS) is an evidence-based, tiered framework for supporting students’ behavioral, academic, social, emotional, and mental health. When implemented with fidelity, PBIS improves social-emotional competence, academic success, and school climate. It also enhances teacher health and well-being. It is a way to create positive, predictable, equitable, and safe learning environments where everyone thrives. Read more…


Schools that establish systems with the capacity to implement SWPBIS
(School-Wide Positive Behavioral Interventions & Supports) with integrity and
durability have teaching and learning environments that
• Are less reactive, aversive, dangerous and exclusionary
• Are more engaging, responsive, preventative and productive
• Are able to address classroom management and disciplinary issues
• Improve supports for students whose behaviors require more specialized
assistance (e.g. emotional and behavioral disorders, mental health)
• Maximize academic engagement and achievement for all students

School Song


Bus Routes



The bus routes for the 2014-2015 school year have been posted on the district website.

If you have questions about bus transportation, contact information can be found online here:



2013-2014 School Lunch Year End Procedures

This is a message from the Trumbull Public Schools.

Please see attached message from Trumbull Food Services. (203) 452-4500

2014-05-13-09-25-30_Food Service Year End

Classroom Schedules, Recess, Lunch & Snack

CLASSROOM SCHEDULES: Your child’s academic schedule varies according to his or her grade level; however, all students participate in math and language arts classes daily as well as social studies and science on most days.  Students also have two thirty-minute periods of music and physical education each week and one forty-five minute period of art each week.  Students also use the library/media center and computer labs to learn research and computer skills as well as to practice academic skills.

RECESS:  Students in grades K-5 will have recess daily.  Weather permitting, students will have recess outdoors.  When the temperature is below 30 degrees or if there is precipitation, students will have recess indoors.  Be sure to send your child to school with a warm jacket, gloves, and a hat from the late fall through the winter months.   If there is snow on the ground, please be sure your child wears boots.

LUNCH:  All students will eat in the cafeteria.  They may bring a bagged lunch from home or may purchase a hot lunch at school for $2.75.  A la cart items such as sandwiches, wraps, luncheon salads, yogurt, and desserts are available for varying prices.  While you may send cash to school with your child, we encourage you to either set up a SNAP account or enroll online @MyLunchMoney.com.  Once money has been deposited in either of these accounts, your child uses a PIN number when purchasing lunch.  No cash is necessary.  Deposits may be made at any time to a student’s SNAP account by sending in a check made out to Trumbull Food Services with his/her SNAP account number clearly marked on it or you can use your credit card to deposit money online @MyLunchMoney.com.  SNAP deposit slips are included in this mailing and on our website.  You can indicate on the deposit slip if you want your child to purchase hot lunches only or if he or she may purchase a la cart items as well.  Students who qualify may receive free or reduced price hot lunches.  You will receive the forms to complete for free/reduced lunches the first week of school.  You will find additional information regarding our lunch program on www.trumbullps.org.


Lunch Recess
Kindergarten 11:10 – 11:40 2:45 – 3:15
Grade 1 11:45 – 12:15 12:15-12:40
Grade 5 12:20 –  12:50 12:50- 1:10
Grade 2 12:50 –   1:20 1:20- 1:40
Grade 3 1:10 –    1:40 1:40- 2:00
Grade 4  1:20 –   1:50 1:50- 2:10




SNACKS:  Teachers will provide time for snack each day.  Since snack time is limited, please send only one healthy food item such as cheese, vegetables or fruit and a small drink, preferably water.

Absences, Attendance & Punctuality

 Absences and Punctuality:  Regular attendance at school is crucial if you want your child to be successful in school. It is virtually impossible for a child to make up the learning that takes place when he or she is absent frequently.  Frequent absences create gaps in learning that prevent a child from mastering new content.  It is also important for your child to arrive on time to school each day.  When he or she is late, it starts the day in a hurried manner and disrupts learning for the rest of the students in class.

If you need to make doctor or dentist appointments for your child, please do so after school hours.  If you are planning a family vacation, please schedule it during the school breaks in December, February and April. The district calendar, which contains the vacation dates, is included in this mailing. The Trumbull Public Schools do not condone vacations during school time and staff is not required to provide work for students to take on these vacations. 

Students in grades 3, 4 and 5 will be taking the Connecticut Mastery Test (CMT) during the first three weeks of March. These tests are given on Tuesdays through Fridays from about 9:15 – 11:00.  Since these are state mandated, high stake tests, it is important that your child be in school during this test window.  It is also important that your child arrives on time.  If a child arrives once testing has begun, he or she cannot enter the classroom until the test session is complete. If you are scheduling doctor and dentist appointments for your child, please do not schedule them during this test window.  It is also imperative that you do not take your child out of school during this time for vacations.  Since we have only a few days to complete make-ups for absent children, we administer them in the library media center. Consequently, your child will not benefit from taking the test in his or her own classroom with his or her teacher.  Since these tests are used for placement purposes and for special recognition in grade 5, it is important for your child to do his or her best.

 ABSENCES: If your child is absent from school, you must report the absence by calling our absentee line (452-4434) prior to the start of the school day.  Please do not call the Main Office.  You must call each day your child is absent.  State your name, your relationship with the child, the child’s name, the name of your child’s teacher, and the reason for absence.  When your child returns to school, you must write a note to the classroom teacher indicating the reason for absence.  Absences that are not reported will be marked as unexcused absences.

LATE FOR SCHOOL: If your child is late for school, you must escort your child into the office and obtain a late slip.  A reason for tardiness needs to be given by the adult when the child arrives to school for it to be classified as excused. 

Tashua School Pledge


At Tashua School, we earn our stripes by showing:





Responsibility and

Self – Control

We are the Tashua Tigers!

School Hours & Morning Arrival

NORMAL DAY SCHOOL HOURS: 8:35 am to 3:20 pm
LEGAL DAY AND EARLY DISMISSAL HOURS: 8:35 am to 1:00 pm: During the course of the year, students are dismissed early for holidays, parent conferences and teacher in-service days.  These are considered legal days and the dismissal time for these days is 1:00 p.m.  Lunch will not be served on these days so please send a more substantial snack on legal days.

Our students begin arriving at school at 8:20. They may take the bus, be driven, and walk with or without a parent. The procedures for each of these methods of arriving at school in the AM follow:

Bus Drop Off

  • All students are assigned a bus route. Students will begin exiting the buses at 8:20. They should report directly to their classrooms from their buses.

Parent Drop-Off by Car/Van

  • Parents may drop-off their children from 8:20 until 8:35 at the rear entrance of the school. DO NOT drop off before this time as staff is not available to supervise children who arrive early. Parents who drive their children to school in the morning may not use the main entrance and may not drive through or park in the bus lanes. Violators will be reported to the police and subject to fines.

Drop –off Procedure

  • Enter the school parking area by the third Dayton Road entrance and drive to the curb by the TLC entrance. (CARS SHOULD NOT BE PARKED ALONG THE CURB.)
  • The first car in line should pull up to the yellow poles by the curb.
  • Four cars may unload in the circle at once. The other cars in line should wait until these four cars have unloaded and have driven out of the circle. Then the next four cars may pull into the circle to unload.
  • At no time should cars pull out of line. This creates a safety hazard. If one car has finished unloading before the preceding car, the driver should wait until the car has finished unloading and has pulled away before leaving the circle.
  • Staff members will be available to help children out of the cars. You should not exit your car to do so. This slows the flow of traffic.
  • Please have your child seated on the passenger side of the car. Younger siblings in car seats should not be situated on the passenger side, as we want children exiting cars at the curb not in the circle.
  • Be sure to turn off the child safety locks so your child can exit your car quickly.
  • Once children have exited the cars, they should proceed directly to their respective classrooms. They may line-up outside of their classrooms but may not enter until the bell rings.
  • Staff is only on duty until 8:35 so if you arrive after 8:35, walk your child into the office and obtain a late slip.

Parent Drop Off for Walkers

  • If you are walking your child to school in the morning, walk him or her to the main entrance and say goodbye. Your child should then walk directly to his or her classroom. If you arrive at school after 8:35, walk your child into the office and obtain a late slip.

If spaces are not available, park on Dayton Road. Do not park by yellow curbs, in the bus lanes, in any driveways or in the parent drop off circle. The handicap parking spots may not be used for any other purpose. Violators will be reported to the police and will be subject to fines.

Student Walkers
Students who walk to school should only cross Stonehouse Road or Dayton Road where a crossing guard is stationed. One crossing guard is located by the playground side of the school on the corner of Fox Road and Stonehouse Road and the other crossing guard is located on the corner of Dayton Road and Stonehouse Road. Walkers should enter through the main school entrance and should go directly to their classrooms after entering the building. Please remember students should not enter the building until 8:20, as we do not have staff to supervise them prior to this time. Only students who live in close proximity to the school should be walking.


About Tashua School

Main Office:  (203) 452-4433
School Nurse /Report An Absence: (203) 452-4434

Tashua School is a kindergarten to 5th grade elementary school located in Trumbull, CT.

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Tashua School

401 Stonehouse Road

Trumbull, CT 06611

Main Office Phone Numbers (203) 452-4433

Fax Number:  (203) 452-4432

Principal                      (203) 452- 4433

School Nurse               (203) 452-4434

Psychologist               (203) 452-4437

Social Worker              (203) 452-4431

Library/Media             (203) 452- 4438

Tashua School Website:          www.tashuaschool.com

Trumbull Public Schools Website:  www.trumbullps.org


Main Office: 203-452-4433
Main Office Fax: 203-452-4432
Nurse's Office and Absentee Line:

Tashua School Calendar

Ben's Bells Kind Campus  2022-2023

PTA Membership Toolkit

Sign Up for the PTA! Our paperless membership and data collection process is super simple AND the directory is available on your computer as well as your smart phone.
  • Normal Day: 8:35am – 3:20pm
  • 90 Min. Delay: 10:05am – 3:20pm
  • 2 Hour Delay: 10:35am – 3:20pm
  • 2.5 Hour Delay: 11:05am – 3:20pm
  • Early Dismissal: 8:35am – 1:00pm
  • LUNCH IS SERVED each school day, including Early Dismissals (planned and unplanned).