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Book Fair Committee Description



Chair:  J Kirkham & Kim Foote

Dates held: Fall & Spring

Description: This committee is responsible for the book fairs held throughout the year.  

Duties:  Work with PTA Board liaison and school office to set fair dates.
Select the vendor and coordinate logistics
Coordinate volunteers to set up, staff and take down
Send out flyers and reminders prior to the event
Get the teachers to sign up their classes to attend.

Characteristics/Skills Needed:
Dependability:  Can be counted on to complete tasks.
Organization:  Can make a logical order out of many competing interests.

Excellent communication and outreach skills
Computer Literate: the ability to send/receive e-mails and create flyers
Good communication skills: spelling and grammar are important.

Time Needed:  Approximately 1-2 hours preparing each fair (coordinate vendor logistics and volunteers),3 hours for set upparts of 2 school days to work the fair,3 hours for take down, Total Time per year:  2 full days three times a year + 1-2 hours prep 
Additionally time will be spent on the following:  Working with the treasurer for start up money and depositing all of the money collected.  Working with the office staff/PTA on the dates and locations to see what is available.  The chair doesn’t need to do all of the above.  He/she can work with a committee to share responsibilities (flyers, teacher sign-up, volunteer coordination, set up, take down and staffing).

Helpful Tools:  Willingness to help out, trade skills are always an added bonus but not necessary

Personal Benefits: Working with the children at Tashua School. Seeing how the teachers interact with their students, particularly in the area of Language Arts.

Lifespan of committee: Busy right at the beginning of the school year to get the first book fair launched. Busy again just before and right after Thanksgiving and then again just before and after Memorial Day.