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Afternoon Dismissal



Please remember we cannot dismiss children from the office after 3:00.  If you need to pick your child up, you may do so at 3:30 once all of the buses have been called.

We have several options available for afternoon pick up for your child.  These include:

  • Car/Van Pick Up- We will assign each family using this option a permanent family number.  You must display the card with your number from you visor.  Your child will be given a tag with the same number printed on it.  Please attach it to your child’s backpack.  These cards and a tag for your child’s backpack will be sent home with your child during the first few days of school.
  • Procedures
    • 3:10 – Vehicles may begin lining up in the pick up area.  Cars should turn right into the third driveway on Dayton Road and into the circle by the TLC entrance.  The first cars should pull up to the yellow poles by the curb.  The next group of vehicles should remain along the right hand edge of the driveway so cars that must pull into the driveway to park will be able to do so.  Once the line extends into the street, cars should line up on the Tashua School side of Dayton Road.  The line should extend from the driveway up Dayton Road towards Lake Ave.  Vehicles should be as close to the side of the road as possible.  The staff member on duty outside will record the car/van numbers.
    • 3:15-Students will be called to the gym and staff members on will line students up in order of your arrival.
    • 3:20- Staff members will begin taking students out to the waiting vehicles.

Remember to:

  • Display your number on your visor.
  • Attach the number that we have issued for your child on his/her backpack.
  • Wait in line in your car until your child is brought to you.
  • Stay in line until the cars in front of you pull out.
  • Come into the office to sign your child out if you are late and a staff member is no longer on duty in the pick-up area.
  • If you are taking other children home with you, they must have a note specifying that you will be driving them home.
  • Walkers- Children who are walking home from school MUST have permission from a parent or legal guardian.  Walkers will be dismissed at 3:20.  Only students who live in walking distance from Tashua may use these walker lines.
  • Bus – We hope you will use this option!  Remember your child may only ride the bus to which he or she has been assigned.  Requests to ride another bus for play dates, birthday parties, etc. cannot be allowed since some buses are filled to capacity and cannot accommodate additional students.  Furthermore, it becomes extremely difficult to meet our responsibilities for accountability and safety if children are allowed to make bus changes.

If your child misses the bus at dismissal time, the office staff will call you to arrange for transportation.  Your child must wait in the office until you or your designee arrives. We never dismiss a child to anyone we do not know or to a person who cannot provide proper identification.

ALTERNATE SAFE DESTINATION: There could be times when your child arrives home before you do.  In anticipation of this possibility, you should create a plan and then explain the plan to your child so he or she will know exactly what to do if this situation arises.  It will be helpful to make prior arrangements with a neighbor/friend who lives in close proximity to you so they can greet your child and care for him/her until you return.  Planning now can help avoid a problem later. Please indicate this information on the Weather Related and/or Emergency Situation form.

Permanent Dismissal Plans– You will find a Permanent Dismissal Plan form in the summer mailing.  Kindly complete it by indicating how your child will be dismissed from school each day. If there is a change in this plan, you must either write a note indicating what your child’s dismissal plan will be for the day, or complete a Change of Dismissal Plan form also included in the summer mailing and send it to your child’s teacher.  If your child is attending an after school enrichment program, he or she will need a note each time they attend the class.

Unless there is an extreme emergency, DO NOT CALL THE OFFICE WITH CHANGES IN DISMISSAL PLANS!  The office is very busy during the day and it has been too difficult to accommodate all the parent calls regarding changes in dismissal plans.