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Academic Enrichment Committee Presents: Club Invention Afterschool


Where big ideas become the next big thing.

Registration Deadline is January 8, 2016

Club Invention Afterschool inspires children to be confident in their natural ability to dream and build, and has the great honor of being able to have a lasting impact on the lives of children every day.

For Students in Grades 1 – 2:
Thursdays 3:30 – 4:30
Jan 21, 2016 – Mar 10, 2016

Phys. Ed: Physics in Motion™
Inventive games are the focus of this fast-paced program of competition and entertainment. What will children create to keep gravity in check as they run a race? How will they keep a cracker and shaving cream tower from falling over? Can a parachute made of garbage bags really foil the effect of gravity and land gently? All of these questions will be answered by children during these days of physics (and physical) fun!

Questions for Grades 1 – 2 can be directed to:
Susan Charamut at scharamut@gmail.com

For Students in Grades 3 & 4:
Thursdays 3:30 – 4:30
Jan 21, 2016 – Mar 10, 2016

Echo and Axon: A Prototyping Adventure™
Inspired by the comics of real life inventor superheroes from the National Inventors Hall of Fame, children create solutions to STEM-based challenges including creating alternative energy power source prototypes, chasm-crossers and water filters, and apply mathematics to rescue Echo and Axon. Teams are challenged to prototype their own story using an inventor’s tool chest to design devices for Echo and Axon, and their little camera-bot, Gidge!

Questions for Grades 3 – 4 can be directed to:
Samantha Blazer at sharpsamantha@aol.com

Click Here For a Printable Registration Form: Club Invention Flyer 2016-2