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Vision Screening is Key to Healthy Development

-Ask if your child has been screened.
-Talk about the results.
-Act on referrals!
Eye health is particularly important for children. Children who have a problem may not realize
it or be able to describe a problem with their sight. It is important that your child’s eyes are
checked during well child visits to make sure they are healthy.
Children born prematurely, those with delays in their growth or with neurological conditions are
at greater risk of vision problems and should visit an eye doctor regularly for a full eye exam.
Eye problems that are not corrected may lead to a permanent loss of sight.
If you notice any one of the following, let your child’s doctor know:

  •  Eyes that are misaligned (look crossed, turn out, or don’t focus together)
  • White or grayish-white color in the pupil
  • Eyes that flutter quickly from side to side or up and down
  • Bulging eye(s)
  • Child often complains of eye pain, itchiness, or discomfort
  • Redness in either eye that doesn’t go away in a few days
  • Pus or crust in either eye
  • Eyes that are always watery
  • Drooping eyelid(s)
  • Child rubs or squints eyes often
  • Eyes that are always sensitive to light
  • Any change in the eyes from how they usually look
  • Courtesy of the National Center for Children’s Vision and Eye Health and the American Academy of Pediatrics


Susan Quigley, RN, NCSN

Tiger Times March 2016