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A Note From Music ~ Mr. Cohen ~ April 2017



First things first! I’d like to introduce my student teacher Miss Broga! Miss Broga is a music education
major at Western CT State University. She is an exceptional vocalist and even performed the lead role in
an opera that was seen by our 5th grade students back in December! She will be with us for all of April and
into May. She’ll even be introducing a new song for the chorus to sing at their spring concert.
Speaking of the chorus, the time has come for our 5th graders to prepare for their final performance as
Tashua Tigers! The students are excitedly awaiting their morning school performances on Tuesday, May
9th. The first performance will be in the morning here at Tashua for the students and in the evening at
Madison Middle School for family and friends. In an effort to promote unity in the group please abide by
these guidelines for what to wear.
All 5th graders should come to BOTH performances in their “Class of 2017” T-shirt. During the
evening performance at Madison, please be sure students are wearing appropriate attire on the bottom.
(no shorts please!)
Girls: Dark skirts (knee length or longer) or dark pants, and appropriate shoes for risers. No leggings or
heels please!
Boys: Dark dress pants are preferred, khaki acceptable with shoes
PLEASE NOTE: If your child is in Band or Strings, please consult with Mr. Turechek or Mr. McGrath
on expected attire but don’t forget to bring the T-Shirt for the Chorus portion of the show.
Please arrive at Madison Middle School at 6:45. The concert will start promptly at 7:00
Thanks for your support and we’ll see you soon!

Tyler Cohen


April 2017 Tiger Times